Admafine Silica

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Admafine Silica

Admafine silica consists of spherical particles with a non-porous surface. It features narrow particle size distribution, high purity with few ion impurities, and excellent dispersibility.
The particle size can be specified as desired in the range of 0.2 to 2.0μm, and two levels of purity are available.

Basic characteristics of Admafine Silica


Basic functions and applications of Admafine silica

The applications of spherical particles are infinite.
The highly specific functionality of spherical particles is used in various fields, including computers, electrical and electronic products, automobiles, foods, and medical equipment.

Product examples include, adhesive that optimizes heat conductivity and heat resistance, liquid resin featuring high fluidity and rigidity, and functional paints where heat and weather resistance is required.
Each of the ADMAFINE particles maximizes the function of these products and improves the characteristics of the product.

ADMAFINE is blended in leading edge materials in various fields, for example, sealant for super-thin semiconductors (e.g. MPU, memory), sealer and rib of flat display units (e.g. LCD, PDP), engineering plastic mainly for automobile parts, cosmetics and soaps (e.g. foundation) , wrapping film for foods and medical goods, and dental materials.

ADMAFINE is a key material in leading edge materials.

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